The authors of the cafe's design were architects Jerzy Cander and Juliusz Marcinowski. The illuminated advertisement was designed by Piotr Perepłyś at the Fine Arts Studios in Warsaw. The building was erected around 1974, but in the 4th issue of "Architektura" magazine of the same year, where the project is described, the exact date of its commissioning was not given.

The design of the pavilion is an attempt to reconcile a strictly technical steel structure with landscapes and urban greenery that we can observe in its immediate vicinity. The building is located between the botanical garden and the Łazienkowska Tract and fits perfectly into the landscape, being virtually invisible at first glance. In this project, the architects coped well with the use of the area, not only matching the existing forms, but also creatively transforming them. The The restaurant is placed on the ground floor and in the basement there is a small bar "Piekiełko".

The pavilion near „Na Rozdrożu Square” was built in 1973-74 together with the Łazienkowska Tract. In 1974, the pavilion received an award in „The Mister Warsaw” competition for the best building erected in the capital city.
Rozdroże from that moment began to be bustling with life. It was visited by representatives of the media, politicians, artists and entrepreneurs. The restaurant has shaped the culture of socializing and entertainment for decades. Popular meetings such as "Herbatka u Tadka" broadcast on television or "Kisiel Prize” are part of the history of Rozdroże.

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